Welcome to my virtual home! I’m so glad you’re here. Come on in and I’ll show you around.

– I am MOM to a special young lady on the AUTISM SPECTRUM. I’m a bit biased, but she is one of the most interesting people on the planet. I BLOG about this and so much more at twenty four may.

– I am a POET. I write about what I love, what I see, what moves and disturbs and captivates me. Read some of my poems and check out my publication credits HERE.

– I teach gentle and traditional YOGA. Click HERE for more, including my current schedule.

– I created YOGABILITIES™, adapted Yoga instruction for individuals with special needs. Click HERE for more, including current schedule.

– I make ART with colored pencils, paints, and beach stones. Check out some of my stone art HERE  and my drawings and paintings HERE.