Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

About Melinda


If I’m parsing out pieces of myself and affixing labels to those pieces, ( and don’t we do this?) then this is the biggest piece of who I am. But piece doesn’t feel quite right, because my mother self lives in all of me; body, mind, heart, and soul. I mother a complicated, beautiful daughter who has rocked my world since she made her debut some twenty nine years ago. Her blog name is Bink. Click here to read more about that. The labels that have been associated with her include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Bink is not exactly disordered, though. I can say this with certainty after studying her in rapt detail for, well, twenty-eight years. She is as Spirit made her, ordered intricately and very differently than many, and she does a damn good job of adapting to a world that is not particularly welcoming to her and others like her. She continues to delight and amaze me, and also to challenge me, every day and many nights!

I am also mom to four wonderful felines who bring much joy and laughter to my home, which I co-manage with my husband, Super Guy.


I started writing poetry when I was about eight, and somewhere in a box, I have twenty-nine or so notebooks to prove it. My Muse and I have not always been on intimate or even copacetic terms, but we’re getting along much better these days, and more of my word weavings are finding homes in magazines, books and journals.


I am allowing myself to claim this label now. I used to avoid it because I thought I wasn’t “good” enough. I know better now, having learned that we are all artists in some way and we are all good enough. I make art with paint and colored pencils. I have a strong connection to beach stones and I make art with them as well. I also enjoy cooking creatively using color and texture and spice. I love to sing and I participate in a Spiritsong Circle which thoroughly nourishes my soul. I also get much pleasure from creating and recreating my home environment.


I’m a Yoga teacher and I founded a studio which I ran for some years. That was magical and wonderful until it wasn’t, and now I am happily teaching in other people’s studios. I enjoy making Yoga accessible to many and my intent is to bring the real gifts of the practice to life, to help people understand that the physical piece of Yoga asana ( posture) is but one aspect of the whole. When I teach, I blend my love of classical and Kripalu Yoga with Yin, Restorative, Meridian, Iyengar, Therapeutic and Kundalini techniques.

My exposure to a variety of kids and adults with disabilities led me to create Yogabilities ™, my adapted group and private classes for kids and adults with a variety of developmental differences. I am blessed and humbled to be able to offer special populations some Yogic techniques of self-awareness, stress reduction, and increased strength and flexibility.


I’ve had a lifelong love of space and silence, and this seems to be deepening as I get older. I am drawn to the idea of simplifying and de-cluttering in every aspect of my life despite the fact that it’s a national fad. I’m also seriously inspired by the wave of really good and honest writing by strong, brave, soulful women. A slightly guilty pleasure: home shows like For the Love of Kitchens, House Hunters International and Hometown. As a morning person, I enjoy greeting the day early, often while drinking a cup of hot cinnamon tea.


I know those books I am carrying will come to term and I will birth them, naturally and in their own time. A home by the water would be just lovely. The regrets I have, though they are few…may they continue to evolve into gratitude and self-compassion. Oh, and may we all grow to recognize that we are far more alike than we are different. May we encourage and support each other, may we share our gifts widely and without fear. May we seek the best in each other. Amen.