Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Hello Out There

Hello, As a very part-time Yoga teacher (and former studio owner), I maintain a separate email communication list for my students. There is a little bit of cross-over; a handful of my students (or former students) also subscribe to this blog. I’ve never sent the same email to both lists, until now. The writing has […]

All This Joy, All This Sorrow

Monday, March 28, morning. It’s snowing as I write this.  Big, fluffy flakes that arrive past the date of our northern hemisphere Spring equinox.  I wonder if they know they won’t accumulate. If they did know, would their especially short lifespan would matter to them?  I suspect not.  Nature cycles despite our self-important desires and […]

Kind or Write?

I’ve been finding it challenging to encapsulate life with my daughter, Bink, lately. Hard to shape words for the page and even for casual conversation with friends, many of whom have their own experiences with parenting and/or caring for people they love who have special needs. It’s not for lack of material. Bink continues to […]

Temporal Tryst

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero, meaning “seize the day while trusting as little as possible on what tomorrow might bring”. Tomorrow In a daytime dream, the kind of interlude I once slipped into and out of as easily as frog to pond, and as shiny, with the slick lubricant of youth, I met some […]

It’s a Good Thing

The View from Here Hello from my couch, where I’ve been planted for the majority of my waking hours for the past twenty five days. Who’s counting? I sure am. I’ve been following doctor’s orders post-surgery and elevating my right foot anytime I am sitting down. This is an improvement, since last week I was […]

Yogabilities™: Peace as a civil right

  When I tell people that one of my occupations is teaching Yoga, there are some common responses. Oh, I love Yoga! I take it at the gym/the cool studio in the upscale shopping center down the street or I can’t do Yoga, I’m not flexible enough.                           or, perhaps I read an article about […]

Why Yoga Matters Off the Mat

As I prepare to return to teaching classes next month, I’ve been musing and mulling over new ways to translate the essence of the great big practice that is Yoga. My desire, when I teach, is to reach underneath what you presume Yoga is, or isn’t, and touch your curiosity about your true nature. You […]


The Sit When I am asked how to meditate There are no words the color of presence No shapes that look like attention I can only tell you what my senses tell me Or how I dread and then savor it And how little I attend to such reaction Most of all I love the […]


Absence of noise It’s not that I enter into this thing called silence. I don’t let it in or go out to find it. Silence is my natural state. It’s the vast patience of the sky that clouds take so for granted, where birds of feather and birds of steel come and go not noticing! […]