Receiving the darkness

The word solstice was born from the Latin sol ( sun) and sistere ( to stand still).    Solstice, winter This darker interlude could be a meditation, a reckoning with the deceptive nature of time. The exacting practice of being present is to show up for each round moment as if it were everything. This is […]

Morning is mostly a prayer

It’s been over a month since I last posted here. The reasons are many, but I guess it all whittles down to this: not blogging begets not blogging. I’m here now, though, offering this poem I wrote last month. It was a rainy November, indeed. Undone Honestly, it was the morning sky. November sun, rare […]

The Meaning of Compassion

The Kuan Yin She keeps watch in the warm corner of my bedroom, her bearing almost more regal for the rivers of cracks and generous chips that mark her faded turquoise. Her right hand, the deliverer of action, folds into Gyan Mudra, the gesture of consciousness. Preparing to take her picture, I haul myself into […]

Fat on Silence

  I need to write it down. I should do this before true memory fades and is replaced, as it so often is, by a recall that looks like The way I wanted it to be, or The way I think it should have been. This is what we do, being humans of great imagination […]

The art that blesses my listening hands

              Making Art with Beach Stones My home hums with them–— the smooth and rough, pale and dark, striped, speckled, some with lines, or bits of mica mesmerizing the light. They number in the thousands by now, populating table and bins and buckets, lining mantels and perched on shelves, […]


Being present is easy when the blue sky moment is trimmed with green grass, when temperate breezes blow your hair back gently from your bright, clean face. You can hop off the worry train quickly in such minutes and hours. You can drop your baggage carelessly to the ground without so much as a glance […]

The Art of Being Present

art by my friend Marina Powdermaker. Find more of her work at PAST where I am rereading the same testimonies from the same perspective: accused, accuser, over and over the details wearing deep grooves into the ledger in my mind. It must be truth, Mind says then, because I can’t erase the lines. FUTURE […]

Of Two Minds, or Many

  Of Two Minds, or Many When Left Brain speaks, she is right on about doing it right or don’t do it at all, do it all right, do it right now, for all the right reasons. Left Brain says I’ll whip you into shape and that would be square, four equal sides, no curved […]

Yogabilities™: Peace as a civil right

  When I tell people that one of my occupations is teaching Yoga, there are some common responses. Oh, I love Yoga! I take it at the gym/the cool studio in the upscale shopping center down the street or I can’t do Yoga, I’m not flexible enough.                           or, perhaps I read an article about […]


Today I celebrate my incarnation Fifty six trips around the sun, carrying a moniker that took decades to like, and I continue, residing more, or sometimes less, inside this soft tent of skin held up by strong bones that shape this form we keep agreeing to call me. So much to marvel at, a couple […]