Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

And why, you might be asking, is she still working on a 2022 story? We are, after all, a few sturdy strides into 2023 spring.

The answer is in the story itself. If you’ve been reading these discontinuous pieces, thank you!


A 2022 Story

You can read part 5 here:


Part 6

Little Stream and Wee Lily Pond scudded along in the midst of Big River. Little wasn’t paying much attention to the speed anymore—she was busy trying to come up with a way out. Each time an idea began to shimmer inside her, she’d imagine the idea as a picture. That seemed much easier.

Could some of the big branches that had fallen into the water help?  She tried to visualize long branches wedged across Big River, almost like a dam or a bridge. That picture was very fuzzy.

Could Lily use her larger pond form to block some of the rushing water while she….while she what? If she concentrated too hard she could feel her edges get weaker. Then she’d have to shift back to holding her outline so she wouldn’t dissolve. There was one image that stayed with her, though.

“Lily?,” Little began, “Do you think you could push me hard against the river bank? Then maybe I could slosh up onto the grass. Once I get my flow back I will come along and find you. When it rains and I get bigger I’ll  dribble in and try to grab you and pull you out!”

As soon as she heard her own words, Little knew this would be very hard to carry out. After a long moments Lily Pond spoke up. “Oh, Little Stream. I know you’re very sad. I want to help, really I do. We can try. Let’s try.”

So Wee Lily Pond began to feel around for her edges. She concentrated very, very hard, remembering what she felt like after a storm. Her waters were always deeper then, and her edges wider. Could she imagine herself into that kind of strength and push her friend Little Stream up and out of Big River?


To Be Continued…



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