Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

A 2022 Story

You can read part 7 here:


Part 8

Many suns and moons came and went as Little Stream and Wee Lily Pond tumbled along in the powerful pull of Big River. They were quiet—Lily too exhausted to speak, Little just too sad. Still, both felt glad to have a friend. They took comfort in being near each other.

The weather was shifting. At moon time the air was colder, and when the sun rose there were more and more leaves, gold and brown and russet, dotting the river’s surface. Little and Lily felt their own bodies cool.

After one particularly bright moon, Little Stream finally felt herself strong enough to reach out to Wee Lily Pond. She gathered her waters in and then pushed gently against Lily’s edges.

“Ooohh!” Lily was startled but also happy to feel her friend’s nudge. “Hi, Little Stream! Are you still…are you still sad to be in Big River instead of flowing on your own?””

Little Stream didn’t need time to think about her answer. “Yes. I really miss my old life. It was so peaceful and easy compared to all this rush, rush, rush and noise, noise, noise. I just want to get out of here. Do you think there is another way?”

Wee Lily Pond sighed, which sounded like a big splash. “Little Stream, we already tried to get out of here. I can’t think of another plan.”

Little was quiet, so Lily continued. ”Streams don’t flow backwards, right?  So maybe it’s best not to keep looking back at what happened before we tumbled into this river. Maybe we can be OK as part of this strong group of waters that came together to make Big River.”

Little Stream didn’t like hearing this. Not at all. She hugged her waters in tight and went silent.  It seemed to her that Big River was getting louder and bigger and scarier every few moons! After a long pause, Little spoke again.

“Lily Pond, it seems like we are going even faster than before!  Do you feel it too?”

Lily considered this for a moment, and then spoke. “Yes. I think….I think Big River might be growing. It feels kind of exciting to me, like we are headed towards something amazing.”

Little Stream felt herself shiver a little as she took in Wee Lily Pond’s words. She didn’t share her friend’s excitement. Mostly she just felt afraid.

To be continued….




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  1. So happy to read part 8. Love these two little friends with different perspectives of their situation. . ???

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