Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

A 2022 Story

You can read part 9  here:


Part 10

It was dark, so very dark.  Moonless and sunless.   In a tunnel of deafening noise Little Stream’s watery body rolled and pitched and  lifted  to one side and then the other.  Was she right side up or upside down?  Then she felt herself falling, falling fast.  She couldn’t think, she couldn’t feel her edges, and so she just fell and fell for what seemed a very long time.  But then—a flash of sunlight!  She was dropped forcefully into a wide, glittering place—the biggest water Little had ever seen.

Little Stream sloshed mightily. She was being pulled and pushed, pulled and pushed.  The sun was bright on the shiny moving surface of what seemed to be a huge pond.  The waters were many coloredgray, and blue, green and purple.  There was white foam on top of some of the peaks, like Big River had when he was very full and moving quickly.

She saw other waters tumbling off a tall, dark wall of rock.  My goodness!  She thought.  I must’ve come that way, too!  It’s a wonder I survived.  Little could not see any other shoreline except the cliff behind her.

She checked her edges, found them tattered but intact.  The strange sparkling pond had begun to splash into her center, though, and this water was different—tangy and crisp.  She had never felt anything like it.

Suddenly she remembered her friend Wee Lily Pond.  What had happened to her?  Did she fall into the dark tunnel?  Had she landed in this gigantic, windy lake, too?   Little gathered her strength and pushed out the words:  “Lily? Wee Lily Pond? Are you….are you there?”

To Be Continued….





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