Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out

Melinda Coppola

twenty four may | from the inside out


As you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. It’s also National Card and Letter Writing Month. Please allow me to make things more interesting by combining the two!

Bink paints once a week, usually working on two canvases at a time. I also dabble in paints and colored pencils, with a nod to the cosmic and whimsical. Bink’s art is bright and cheerful and has become more detailed over time. She used to rush through her painting, but lately she’ll take several sessions to complete a piece.

She has grown quite proud of her work. Family and friends have come to expect her greeting at the door, identical each time.  “Come see my art!” she’ll say, and walk towards the dining room where she makes her magic.

I’ve been creating cards with some of our images for a few years now, using photos of artwork pasted on card stock. Most of these have been gifted.

In January I decided to find ways to share my daughter’s artwork with a larger audience. We had a few little conversations about this.

Me: Bink, your art is beautiful.

Bink: Yes.

Me: I want to make more of those cards we’ve been giving to people, and sell them. Then more people can see your beautiful artwork.  Is that OK with you?

Bink: Yes.

I didn’t expect she would hesitate.

So, I’ve experimented with a few different sizes of direct print greeting cards. With the help of someone whose facility with technology makes up for my distinct lack thereof, I’ve created an online store to sell some of them. I added in some of my own images, too, for good measure. AND…a portion of the profits will go to an organization I believe in—Bailey’s Team for Autism.  Please click on the link to check them out.

My inventory of greeting cards is uneven at present, reflecting the afore-mentioned experimentation with size and form. Once the inventory sells out, I’ll restock with one standard greeting card size. There are also a few original acrylic paintings for sale, and some canvas copies too.

So, without further ado, I invite you to view my little store here.  If you do choose to order something, whether a single card or a pack of five, please be patient with me as I get used to the mechanics of processing orders.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you spot some moments of beauty and grace in our messy, broken and colorful world today.



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