It was a few years ago that I found myself meandering in a quaint little town in western Massachusetts, about two hours east of home. I saw the sign, which read, simply, THRIFT. As a a fervent fan of space and simplicity, I practice de-cluttering my home and […]

The art that blesses my listening hands

              Making Art with Beach Stones My home hums with them–— the smooth and rough, pale and dark, striped, speckled, some with lines, or bits of mica mesmerizing the light. They number in the thousands by now, populating table and bins and buckets, lining mantels and perched on shelves, […]

Per Annum

Every year, now, around my birthday, I feel a tug to write something, employing words to mark the privilege of completing another ride around the sun. This year’s efforts came in the form of a love letter to my life. Here, below, is an edited version, and though it’s all between me and me, I […]

The Poet Says….

Allow me to share a poem that debuted on the Songs of Eretz Poetry Review this morning. This is the third of my poems to be published there in the Last week. All three are eligible for the Readers Choice Award contest on the    Voting begins March 1!   The Poet Says This […]

The Art of Being Present

art by my friend Marina Powdermaker. Find more of her work at PAST where I am rereading the same testimonies from the same perspective: accused, accuser, over and over the details wearing deep grooves into the ledger in my mind. It must be truth, Mind says then, because I can’t erase the lines. FUTURE […]


Dear reader, is there something in the natural world that you are really drawn to? Birds, clouds, pine trees? Lightening storms? Is there something for which you have an unrelenting affection? For, me, it’s stones. Specifically, I’m drawn to stones that hail from the edges of the sea. I feel so very alive and content […]


Today I celebrate my incarnation Fifty six trips around the sun, carrying a moniker that took decades to like, and I continue, residing more, or sometimes less, inside this soft tent of skin held up by strong bones that shape this form we keep agreeing to call me. So much to marvel at, a couple […]

Self Portrait

” We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Anais Nin AS SOUP: I am mostly hearty kitchen-sink vegetable bean. With each tasting I re-season myself; more salt, a dash of lemon juice or vinegar, a pinch of cumin, a snip of fresh mint. On occasion, I am decadence […]

Of Names and Noses

Of Names and Noses I gave my daughter a blog name first and foremost to respect her privacy. Oh, I’ve told her that I write about her sometimes, because she is so awesome and amazing and interesting and people need to hear about things like that. I’ve asked her permission as well, and she has, […]


A woman and her young daughter walked by me, heading opposite, on the narrow sidewalk outside the Y this morning. I’m sorry, Older She said in passing as women often do, and though my mouth was silent I wanted with all my heart to say Please don’t apologize for taking up space. If you want […]